Sunday, August 3, 2008

Goonies 2 Rumors Reappear!!

Moviehole is reporting tonight, that Caffinated Clint has some inside scoop on the long rumored Goonies sequel. "A source at Warner Bros has confirmed this - saying they are developing it as a major movie" This means Warner Brothers are going to give the Goonies 2 the full treatment it deserves. Goonies 2 will be a large-scale theatrical release for Warner Bros. In the last few years rumors were swirling that Goonies 2 would be a direct-to-dvd sequel, like the most recent Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. This latest news rules out a direct-to-dvd sequel, with the Goonies 2 instead getting a tentpole treatment from WB.

Clint's second nugget of joy in regards to the Goonies 2, is that two unnamed top shelf writers have been hired to work on a draft of the sequel. Clint elaborated more on the writers by saying, "they are excellent writers - they're doing some terrific stuff." Just what the script entails is being kept completely under wraps, but the script does involve a few of the original cast members! So, rumors can swirl as to which original cast members will be included.

I would assume Sean Astin is a shoe-in, as is Jonathan Ke Quan (Data). Feldman would mostly likely kill for a chance to return, but if his last little stint at acting in the sequel to Lost Boys was any hint, keep him away from the project at all costs (I had to hold myself back from laughing everytime he was on screen)! Mouth's comic relief can be pushed on to a new character very easily. Josh Brolin has a huge price-tag now, so he's out, and his character is easily replacable too. As for the rest of the goonies, do any of them even act? Ultimatley, Mikey and Data are the key characters from the original that should find their way into the new script! Well of course, Sloth better be in there too!

Richard Donner has tried unsuccessfully to get Goonies 2 running for years now, hopefully he will direct the film, and really bring back the same energy and nostaglia from the original. I usually really loath the idea of a sequel to a film that doesn't need a sequel. Lost Boys is a perfect example, and most should still have the bad taste in their mouth's from watching the Tribe! If Goonies 2 was just going to be a re-tread like Lost Boys 2: The Tribe and get a direct-to-dvd treatment, I would say, "hell no!" The fact that Warner Bros. are giving it a tentpole treatment really does peak my interests. I love the Goonies and still watch it every couple months. So, the idea of getting a new installment of the Goonies some twenty four years later, is so awesome!

Thoughts on Goonies 2? Will it happen? Is this just another rumor? Who would you want to be in the sequel from the original?