Sunday, August 3, 2008

George Miller Says Justice League is Still On!

George Miller told the Herald Sun news in Australia that the Justice League of America film is still on, regardless of other reports, and plans to begin filming early next year. Back in January Warner Bros. put the film on indefinite hold. Majority of the reasons behind the shut-down was the amount WB would have to pay in Australia. Warner Bros. was looking for taxbreaks there and did not recieve them. Miller told the Herald Sun, that they would be shooting at a new location in early 2009 outside of Australia.

The studio did not retain the cast options either, which surprised some, but hopefully means this time around Warner Bros. will cast heavy-weights in the super-team film, instead of television actors on the cheap! I am sure that if Warner Bros. really wanted most of them back, it shouldn't be that hard! I mean Armie Hammer (batman), Megan Gale (wonder woman), D.J. Controna (superman), Santiago Cabrera (aqua man), I'm sure they have nothing on their plates that's better than being cast in JLA. Common who had been cast as green lantern and Adam Brody as flash are the only two actors that have a larger name, but neither of them have but one film in their upcoming projects and they are already currently filming, so they will be finished by the time shooting starts early 2009.

My question is why keep them? The fore-mentioned cast is terrible and will ruin the Jusice League franchise (you might as well hire Joel Schumacher to direct)! Why doesn't Warner Bros. spend some money they just raked in from The Dark Knight, and get some real talent in the project! Christian Bale should be batman (there is no doubt about it), get Brandon Routh or Tom welling at least for superman (both are solid in their versions of Clark Kent/superman), Will Smith should be green lantern hands down (screw Common, big Will is where it's at), Ryan Reynolds should play the flash (Adam brody, just doesn't cut it), Jessica Beil as wonder woman (duh!), and finally Paul Walker as aquaman (the ladies love em). Yes, Warner Bros. will spend some cash, but can you imagine what the film would bring back in return (look out Titanic)!

What are your thoughts? Should Justice League of America move forward with the original cast or should they get new actors for the roles? Do you think George Miller can bring an awesome version of JLA to the big screen? When was his last action movie, 1982? Should WB first make a feature film of each member of the JLA and then make the team movie? How will you react to a new batman again?