Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review - The Foot Fist Way

A small town and dim-witted, self proclaimed "king of the demo" Tae Kwon Do instructor deals with marital problems and his obsession with getting karate and b-film star Chuck "The Truck" Wallace to appear at his school's belt qualifying challenge.

Danny McBride stars in this hilarious indie gem that did the film festival circuit in 2006 and finally found enough financing to have a small theatrical run this year. Jody Hill writes alongside Ben Best and directs the ridiculous comedy that has some great dialogue and a perfect performance from McBride. The dark comedy has some moments that feel close to the likes of "Spinal Tap" and "Best in Show" in the mocumentary format, but it pays off all the way through keeping the viewer laughing all the way to the end.

Danny McBride as Fred Simmons is the driving force in the film and really keeps you waiting for the next perfect delivery of dialogue. McBride has alot of side-splitting moments throughout especially when he is doing his "demo's" in front of the local strip malls in his small town. Danny McBride is an actor I have come to expect perfect deliveries in his dead-pan shtick because of this film. McBride who has added hilarity to such films like "Hot Rod," "Heartbreak Kid," "Drillbit Taylor," "All the Real Girls," and more recently "Pineapple Express" and "Tropic Thunder" started the trend in The Foot Fist Way. It was his work in this film that opened the door for his further hilarity. His attitude and flare that he pulls off in the film is so uproarious, you too, will begin to look out for this great comedian.

The film itself is essentially a dark comedy. Fred Simmons is a lovable loser who has his heart broken and his ego crushed quite a bit throughout the film, but through it all the self proclaimed, "king of the demo" shows some real strength behind the idiotic persona. McBride is perfect as the dumb-ass character who doesn't realize just how stupid he looks. The films third act is quite strong with some really great summation dialogue between Fred and his wife Suzie. "I am relieving myself!" The Foot Fist Way is short and to the point at only 85 minutes, but the film has great pacing, keeps the viewer entertained while laughing hysterically! Furthermore, waiting to see what Fred Simmons will say next! I assure you, his lines are so damn good and filled with such tenacity, McBride has you smiling ear to ear with his hijinks and buffoonery.

Overall, The Foot Fist Way is a great indie comedy that deserves a watch! Danny McBride delivers a breakout performance as Fred Simmons, the Tae Kwon Do instructor who just can't nail a perfect demo. The dialogue throughout is a perfect vechile for McBride and his deadpan delivery, which had me in stitches throughout. The Foot Fist Way is perfect for rewatching (the kind where each time you watch it, you notice something funnier than before) and I highly recommend seeing it. I have had this film since 2006 and love it, check it out.