Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Earth Shakes for JJ!!

THR is reporting that David Seltzer writer of The Omen has penned an Eartquake film for Universal and Lost creator JJ Abrams is behind the scenes developing it! Nothing really has been said about the film other than it "will not" be a remake of the 1974 Universal film, "Earthquake." Abrams who has been hot off the success of "Cloverfield," which is considered ground-breaking in disaster flicks seems very logical to be developing the feature for Universal. No word yet if Abrams will direct, but for now he and his Bad Robot trio are set to produce. Like all of Abrams projects everything is being kept underground until the big one hits for all to be revealed!

Thoughts on JJ's Earthquake? Did you like Cloverfield? Abrams definately has developed some amazing projects, definately watch out for this one!