Saturday, August 30, 2008

Diesel to be a Marvel Villain?

Vin Diesel while doing the rounds for Babylon A.D. sat down with MTV and talked a little bit about why he has not been in a comic book film to date. Diesel looked quite intrigued by the question as if he had something to spill, but instead he beated around the bush, boasting that he had given alot. Diesel responded by saying, “I’ve been holding out, and the reason I’ve been holding out is because I’m waiting to do a film where the protagonist is the villain. I’m kind of done with the Marvel hero. I now want to see...what would be exciting to me, and no one’s come to me with it yet, is a film about a villain that we’re familiar with in Marvel, and showing the complexities.” When asked if he had a character in mind he whispered gleefully, “I have one in mind but I must keep it close to the vest.” He then smiled and said “But I gave you a lot!”

So what character does Diesel have in mind? To be honest, I think there is only three justifiable choices, Venom, Thanos, or Apocalypse. MTV rumors Rhino, Red Skull, and Tombstone but those characters are just simple villains in another Spider-Man or Captain America flick. The key word Vin Diesel used in the interview was "protagonist" meaning lead character for those of you that slept through english. Vin is not just going to play a villain, like Schwarzenagger did in Batman & Robin. Diesel as Thanos or Apocalypse would also be intriguing, but that would take a fare amount of the Marvel heroes to take him down, meaning another team-up movie. That is not happening anytime soon! Realistically, Vin is probably talking about Venom. It is well known that the film is in development, Diesel would fit the body build of Venom (especially compared to Topher Grace), and we all know Diesel loves to do his low register voices. The real question is could he pull it off?

What are your thoughts on Diesel as a lead Marvel villain? Could Diesel pull off Venom? What villain is he talking about? Strike back!