Sunday, August 3, 2008

Connor & Wright Face-Off!!

McG has prmoised that Terminator Salvation will live up to the first two Terminator films. He has gone on to say at Comic Con that he will remain faithful to the framework of the original series. McG also stated that Sam Worthington and Bale share some great screen time together and that the two match up very nicely! (From the looks of the pic bleow, Bale isn't too excited to see Worthington) This high resolution picture was featured in the footage that was shown during the Terminator Salvation panel at Comic Con last Saturday (Read my breakdown here). If you dont know yet, Christain Bale plays John Connor in the year 2018 and Sam Worthington plays Marcus Wright. Terminator Salvation hits theaters May 22nd, 2009! Scroll down for the high resolution pic of Bale and Worthington.

Click on pic for high resolution

Thoughts on Terminator Salvation? Does Marcus Wright look like he may be an cyborg with synthetic skin? Why is John Connor so angry in this picture? The footage shown at Comic Con, did not make Bale and Worthington look like they are buddies! Hmmmm... More definately to come on Terminator Salvation!