Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Coen Bro's Are Serious

The Coen brothers newest film "Burn After Reading" is eargly awaiting its release, meanwhile the two brothers have casted Michael Stuhlbarg and Richard Kind to star in their newest film "A Serious Man." Set in 1967, a midwestern professor's wife is going to leave him and his life begins to unravel meanwhile, his socially inept brother just won't seem to ever move out of his house! Michael Sthulbarg, whose is mainly known for his stage performances will play the professor, while Richard Kind most famous from his role on ABC's "Spin City," will play the inept brother. The Coen will begin filming "A Serious Man" next month in Minneapolis and Focus features will distribute while Working Title is producing.

Thoughts on Coen Brothers newest film. Did you watch Spin City? Ever seen a play with the Tony winning actor Michael Sthulbarg?