Thursday, August 14, 2008

Coco Finds Her Love!

THR is reporting that Alessandro Nivola has been casted to play opposite Audrey Tautou as a French polo player who finances the fashion designer opening her first store. Tautou will be playing Coco Chanel who falls in love with the handsome polo player. Chanel and Arthur Capel fell in love and he later died in a car accident, which has been revealed as the most devastating event in her life. Capel also was a major influence in Chanel's masculine suit designs. "Coco avant Chanel" is being directed by Anne Fontaine, produced by Philippe Carcassonne, with Films Distribution Mercure financing the film over seas, and no domestic distributer as of yet. Being a French film, Alessandro is currently learning french for the role and a September start date is scheduled.

Thoughts on Alessandro Nivola cast in Coco avant Chanel? Did you know that Audrey Tautou takes pictures of all her interviewers and puts them in scrapbook?