Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Amphibian Man, No Not Aquaman!

Alexander Belyaev's novel "The Amphibian," one of Russia's most famous novels has been picked up by Scott Steindorff's Stone Village. THR is reporting that the company will, "produce the romantic adventure drama with Jenia Kokotuha, who brought the project to the company." The story follows an American surgeon living in the Amazon who gives his son shark gills to survive a fatal respiratory disease. The young man's underwater life is complicated when he saves a local fisherman's daughter from a shark attack and romantic feelings surface between them. Steindorff will be hiring a scriptwriter very shortly and also plans to adapt the screenplay for a graphic novel. This isn't the first time the book has been adapted to film, in 1962 "Amphibian Man" was a blockbuster hit in Russia and was later released on DVD by Image Entertainment. Steindorff has been quoted by saying the film will be like, "Splash meets Forrest Gump."

Thoughts on The Amphibian? Does this sound like a worthwhile project? The Splash meets Forrest Gump quote has be both intrigued and scared at the same time!