Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Zombie Projects!!

Ever since Grindhouse and the faux trailers Rob Zombie has been hinting that he would be making a film version of "Werewolf Women of the S.S." Rob had even said that he had filmed a majority of the film during the faux trailer shoot and would only have to fill in the gaps (were still waiting Rob). Well, Werewolf Women of the S.S. isn't being made into a feature film yet, but Zombie is in works to make the feature into a comic book! Commandant Hess, Lt. Boorman, Dr. Heinrich von Strasser, Eva and Gretchen Krupp, Fu Manchu and even Hitler will all be featured in the comic when it finally hits stores. No word just yet, when the comic will be released. However Zombie has released this first picture, the cover to the first book! From the looks of this cover, should be a rad comic! Let's hope the comic is popular and streamline's the film into production!

Scroll down for cover of Werewolf Women of the S.S.

Rob Zombie has also recently released concept art for a feature he is bringing to the big screen! Tyrannosaurus Rex is being made for Dimension Films and has been rumored to be based off the comic book he wrote called "The Nail." The film is set to release August 29th 2009 and has yet to begin filming. Steve Niles who is Rob's co-writer on The Nail has said, "I've been getting a lot of calls and mail about Rob Zombie's new project, Tyrannosaurus Rex. People seem to be under the impression that Rob is doing The Nail and cutting me out. This is not true. Not only is T-Rex a different story, but also Rob is 100% owner of The Nail and is welcome to cherry pick anything he wants. It's his concept. I was just along for the ride." So the real story on just what Tyrannosarus Rex is, has yet to be revealed but its synopsis reads as follows: a mean-motherfuckin'-tough-as-nails ex-wrestler goes up against a legion of lethal bikers, adding further fuel to the fire.

Here is all of the artwork that has been released for Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Scroll down to check it out!

So what are your thoughts on Rob Zombie's new projects? You like the sound of them? Will you read Werewolf Women of the S.S.? Will you see Tyrannosaurus Rex? Have you seen Rob's other films? Did you like his version of Halloween?