Monday, July 28, 2008

Wolvie, Deadpool, & Gambit!!

Thursday at Comic Con in Hall H none other than Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) made an unannounced appearence to show off a little footage to his newest film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. From what I hear and have read the crowd went absolutely crazy (I had just walked out of the previous panel, super annoyed when I found out later). The trailer was leaked and pulled from the internet very quickly, but I got a few screen captures of the low-res video. The images below are very grainy, but if you missed a chance to see the trailer, here's a couple pictures including, The Blob, Deadpool, Gambit, Silver Fox, Wolverine to look at until the studio releases the high-res trailer!

I was extremely skeptical about this film, but after seeing the trailer, my antcipation has rised considerably. The tone of the film looks to be right and all of the actors casted look damn good! Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool, Taylor Kitsch plays Gambit, Kevin Durand plays the Blob, Lynn Collins plays Silver Fox, and Liev Schreiber plays Sabretooth. Hugh Jackman has always been badass as Wolvie and things haven't changed. The action looks to be very high energy and gritty and should really be awesome in the final product. Jackman told the estatic crowd, "Without you guys, I wouldn't have a career!" The film releases May 1st 2009 and should be a huge success, like all of the other X-Men films were.

What are your thoughts on X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Did you see the trailer? Thoughts on Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? Should he get his own movie? Will Wolverine deliver?