Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who's Tugg Speedman?

Viral Marketing has become all the rage these days. Tropic Thunder, while not as significant as Dark Knight, has been pushing its marketing and the newest one is out!

The newest marketing campaign introduces Tugg Speedman, the star of Tropical Thunder. Tugg wanted to create a place for all of his fans, and this new website is just that place. Within the site are Tugg's filmography, biography, a sweet message from Tugg, and his favorite charity.

Some of Tugg's other film's include:
All of the Viral Marketing for Tropic Thunder has been top-notch! This new stuff of Tugg Speedman is also equally as funny. Stiller always does a great job on his comedic roles, especially the over-the-top characters like Zoolander. I am really excited to see this film and super disapointed that it does not have a panel at this years Comic Con. One can only hope that they may still do a screening down there with q&a like, Pineapple Express and Hamlet 2 are doing.

Here's the link for Tugg's site: Tugg Speedman

A week ago Tropic Thunder released a mocumentary called "Rain of Madness," which takes its theme from Apocalypse Now's, "Heart of Darkness." This to was extremely good and continues Tropic Thunder's funny streak of marketing. After watching the trailer one would wonder if a full-length feature was made and could end up on the Tropic Thunder DVD. I for one, hope so! All of this marketing has helped the movie, but Tropic Thunder looks rad on its own merits. I have heard nothing but good things about it and with Stiller, Downey Jr., and Black it is sure to be hilarious!

Here's Rain of Madness Trailer:

Here's one more video Tropic Thunder did at the MTV Movie Awards last month:

Overall, Tropic Thunder looks awesome! It should prove to be one of the better comedies of the year. What are your thoughts on all the viral marketing? Do you like it? Does Tropic Thunder look funny to you?