Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Unfortunately, WANTED 2 has been greenlit! Eventhough the source material was drained in the first film, the writing staff over at Universal Pictures are feverishly working to crap out another script!

If you've seen the film, you know that Angelina and Freeman were killed off (sorry boys no more angelina in part 2), so one would assume the "Loom of Fate," will weave out some new sex kitten for viewers to swoon over and a new arch villain for McAvoy's charcter to kill off.

The first film was pure shit! Some of the action sequences were decent, but overall dribble! WANTED grew very tiresome within the 2nd act of the film! Furthermore, WANTED was a complete film and does not need a sequel, but if there is money to be made, their gonna drain it to the point of nausea!

Some positives, Jolie wont be back and McAvoy will take center stage! No more training for McAvoy, just more overused "curving bullets." McAvoy was the only portion of the film I liked and with the good writing staff, WANTED 2 could prove to be a better film than the first. Honestly, I don't by that for a second, most sequels are just pumped out and end up being utter filth. WANTED 2 should prove to have the same fate. That is not to say it wont do well again like the first at the Box Office. Universal will get another hot chick and there will be a tons of more ridiculous stunts and outlandish mindless action. Unless, a serious overhaul is done on WANTED 2, I'll skip it!

What are your thoughts on WANTED 2? Do we need another WANTED? Will it be good? What is a good idea for the continuation of McAvoy's character? Did you like the first? Why?