Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Want More X-Men?

Fox Studios could be working on developing another X-Men film. Production Weekly - Issue 620 has X-Men: First Class registered. To further lead speculation http://www.x-menfirstclass.com/ does lead directly to Fox Movies. X-Men: First Class was written by Jeff Parker and drawn by Roger Cruz beginning in September 2006 and ending April 2007. The eight books centered around starting years of the X-Men with the original five characters of Beast, Angel, Marvel Girl, Iceman, and Cyclops being taught at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters by Professor X. This news does not come as any real shock. Fox has spoken in the past of doing a Young X-Men or X-4 since the last X-Men film. Now with the ripe success of Hugh Jackman coming down to Comic Con and showing the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer, Fox is sure to want and keep the success rolling. What better way to green-light a new X-Men project.

The question that I have with X-Men: First Class is will it be a sequel or a prequel? X-Men: First Class sets up the original 5 members of X-Men (no wolverine), in the past three X-Men films Cyclops has died, as well as Jean Gray/Marvel Girl, Beast is super old, and Iceman & Angel are the only characters that are the right age. Will X-Men: First Class be a prequel to the first X-Men film and have a younger Beast, but still be the oldest? Angel and Iceman are perfect from X-Men 3, but if it is a prequel, they would have to be younger, right? Will Fox just say this is a reboot of the series? Will Fox do like Marvel with the Hulk and Punisher series and do a small re-envision of what Singer created and Rattner ruined? Fox could do as they normally have done and only use the First Class storyline as basis and pick and choose team members to lead the X-Men. If the format follows from The Last Stand, it would seem natural to get Angel and Iceman back as major focuses of the team. Clearly there is alot of speculation to be done! I personally want to see X-Men: First Class, just like the original 8 issue books. I want Beast, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, and Angel! I dont care what the other films setup or did, re-boot and start over! Fans will be back regardless, X-Men like Spider-Man or Batman will bring in the money, its is too beloved to go un-noticed!

What are your thoughts? Should they make X-Men: First Class? Should it be a sequel, prequel, or re-boot?