Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Review - WALL-E

Set far in the future, a small waste droid named WALL-E, is all alone on earth left to carry out his directive of cleaning up earth's waste. After meeting a droid named EVE from outerspace with a directive all her own, WALL-E accidentally embarks on a mission into the farthest reaches of space that will have a huge impact on all humans and droids alike.

Pixar has done it again with another amzing cgi film, which tells an image provoking and pantomimed story about a small droid who has become self-aware. WALL-E is one of Pixars best films to date. What makes WALL-E so good is it's classic story told in a very simple manner that really connects with the whole audience. WALL-E is a perfect family film, a great date movie, and just plain fun for all ages.

WALL-E is directed by the amazing storyteller Andrew Stanton who previously directed Finding Nemo and also wrote the Pixar hits Finding Nemo, A Bug's Life, Toy Story, and Monster's Inc. Stanton perfectly webbed this surprisingly quaint love story about two droids and their shared directive to save earth. The story flows smoothly and does not feel sluggish at all. Every act of this film is highly refined and holds together very well. The 3rd act is especially good and really ties the story up nicely with a very endearing ending with a strong message. All parts of the film are fresh while still giving some great throwbacks to old scifi films including a nice homage to 2001: A Space Odyessy. The images rendered by Pixar are jaw dropping and remind us why Pixar is the top of the CG industry.

What WALL-E excels at is it's amazing ability to convey true emotion and tell a amazing story through mainly body and facial movements of these beautifuly illustrated droids. There is very little actual dialogue. All of the droids WALL-E meets along the way are great. They are done with flawless animation and are all very humorous, especially M-O. M-O's complusive directive of cleaning up any foreign contaminant is great and feels very natural. Each of the persona's that all of the droids have are unblemished and all feel very life like. Furthermore, the ability of Pixar to get so much emotion out of WALL-E is breathtaking. His eyes in the film, seem like they have seen so much and lived so long. His inquistive nature and his childlike appreciation for new things is done flawlessly and really makes him truely believable and amazingly likable character. I am not stretching it, when I say WALL-E, will become a very revered Disney character much like Woody, Buzz, Mikey, and the rest of Disney's alumni.

What I liked most about the film, was its heart. It is a classic love story, execpt between two droids. Becoming self-aware, WALL-E, wants a real companion and not just things. WALL-E's love for EVE drives most of the film and really tends to pull at the viewer's heart strings throughout. WALL-E goes above and beyond to show his love for EVE, which eventually begins to wear off on her. Once EVE has realized WALL-E's compasion, she too wants to share in that joy, and will do whatever it takes to to save Earth.

Overall WALL-E is a perfect film. It tells a simple story in a unique way. There is alot of humor and a really endearing story. The film rolls beautifully and never feels forced or stuffed with filler. Every aspect of the film is highly refined and done absolutely impeccable. Pixar has another gem on their hands and should prove to be a huge cash cow for them and Disney. I can't say it enough, I love this film! Rarely does a animated film tell a story so elegantly and so ingeniously. WALL-E will go down as one of the top films of 2008, not just on my list, but many. Furthermore, it has already made its way on to AFI Top 100 Films of All Time. If you haven't already, see WALL-E.


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