Thursday, July 31, 2008

Venom Movie In Works!!

Ever since the release of Spider-Man 3, there have been thousands of rumors that Sony would bring the baddie, Venom, to the theaters in his own feature. Until now those only felt like rumors! Sony has decided to move forward with a stand alone spin-off feature of Venom! Hollywood Reporter is saying Jacob Estes has been hired to pen a script to the spin-off villain film. Estes wrote Mean Creek back in 2004 and has penned a few screenplays since then. Moving forward with this project may prove to be a sticky situation. Sony may also hire other writers to help pen a new draft of Estes script or write a whole new script altogether. Sony is also not too sure that Topher Grace should continue as Venom in the spin-off! Topher Grace played Venom in Spider-Man 3 and Sony should do the best it can to distance itself from that film. Hiring a new actor to play Venom seems like a smart move and I seriously doubt Topher Grace could really draw in a crowd at the box office.

The question also arises is how they will do the Venom film? Will it be an origin tale? If so why, wasn't that in Spider-Man 3? Will Sony stick with Eddie Brock incarnation of Venom? Didn't Eddie die at the end of Spider-Man 3? There are others who dawn the symbiote suit, Angelo Furtunato and Mac Gargan which would make for a great story. Angelo Furtunato's father, Don, buys the Venom symbiote in an auction for his son. Angelo wanted to become famous and powerful as Venom, and intends on proving himself to his father by killing Spider-Man. Angelo fails and the symbiote deems Angelo a coward and drops him mid-air, allowing him to fall to his death. The symbiote then sought to find someone with a shared hatred of Spider-Man and propositions Mac Gargan/Scorpion to become his host. Mac instantly accepts the offer and becomes Venom. Mac Gargan character is the most recent Venom in the Marvel world of comics. Whatever Sony's decision is, it will be heavily written about. Spider-Man and Venom are huge properties in the Marvel and Sony world for that matter. Sony is also currently working on the 4th Spider-Man which is slated for 2011.

Thoughts on a stand-alone Venom film? Will it be interesting enough? Will it be as big as the Spider-Man franchise? Would this film be made with kids or adults in mind? Is Venom actually not gonna look like a pussy?