Monday, July 28, 2008

Terminator Salvation Poster!!

After the success of the Comic Con panel Saturday, the people behind Terminator Salvation have released the first one-sheet for the film! The poster features the T-600 on the front with a very large bullet hole in the center of its forehead. McG during the panel was very forward in saying that he made sure he remained faithful to the original trilogy. From the looks of the first trailer released, the footage he showed at Comic Con, and the new one-sheet McG is definately on target for a great flick! The film releases May 9th 2009 and the first full length trailer will be attached with 007 Quantum of Solace in November. Scroll down for the new one-sheet!

Click on the image for a higher resolution

Thoughts on Terminator Salvation? Did you see the panel Saturday at Comic Con? Do you think McG will redeem himself from Charlie's Angels 1 and 2? Will Bale be the savior of another franchise?