Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Review - Snow Angels

This film beautifully directed by David Gordon Green stars Sam Rockwell, Kate Beckingsale, and Michael Angarano in a drama that interweaves the life of a teenager, with his old babysitter, her estranged husband, and their daughter.

The film sets a very somber tone from the get go with its use of foreshadowing. It is not a particular easy film to sit through, however it is a gripping look into the lifes of these complex chartacters that encompass it. Furthermore it has an ending that is more than worth watching the film. The ending will have you gripping the edge of your seat while wanting to discuss the implecations of what has transpired.

Sam Rockwell is very engaging throughout the film. His new found morality weighs heavy on his character who is trying, unsuccessfully, at re-connecting his family. Beckingsale delivers a strong performance of middle aged mother who is escaping from her reality through an affair with a co-workers husband. Unfortunately for me, her character i had the hardest time believing throughout. In light of what happens as the film progresses, i just felt it unbelievable. Michael Angarano's character provides the light in the film. His relationship with high school girl (Olivia Thirby) is absolutely intriguing. His performance brings back memories of that first crush from high school and all the awkwardness that embodies those first relationships. It also may provide insight to Rockwell's and Beckingsale's characters who were high school sweethearts now in a lost relationship. Angarano and Thirby provide the light in this somber film around the dark relationship of Rockwell and Beckingsale.