Tuesday, July 15, 2008

QT and Brad meet for Inglorious Bastards!!

Reported today by Nikki Finke, Quentin Tarantino has flown out to France to meet with Brad Pitt about starring in his newest WWII Nazi film, "Inglorious Bastards." QT has been talking about Inglorious Bastards, like many of his other pet projects for years now, and it is cool to finally see it coming to life! QT since Cannes, has finalized the script and feels he is ready to begin shooting in October, so that the film is ready for Cannes, come 2009. He has recently been shopping the script outside of his normal production relationship with the Weinstein's at the production office's of Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal, and Sony. Landing Brad Pitt will guarantee funding for Inglorious Bastards from one of the above mentioned studios and would make for an all round awesome talent to start the casting in the film.

Brad Pitt, who has been a hot commodity in Hollywood for quite sometime, is in France with his other half celebrating the birth of their twins. Which are also Brad & Angelina's first natural or non-adopted children. It has been rumored that Pitt will play a character named Lieutenant Aldo Raine. Raine is the leader of the ragtag team who are trying to ruin a Nazi propaganda film that will premiere in Paris. It is very clear that QT needs to land Brad or another big star before the big-wig studios will begin to bid on Inglorious Bastards. Especially with Tarantino's take on WWII it has got to be one gritty and extremely violent acount, especially with Nazi's taking center stage.

What are your thoughts? Does Brad Pitt make the studios jump at Inglorious Bastards? Does Brad take on the role? Should he?

Personally, I really hope Pitt and QT team up for this film. Brad with the right director is gold and him and QT would make for one hell of a great ride!

UPDATE: QT plans to meet with Leonardo DiCaprio thursday for another lead role in Inglorious Bastards. The role DiCaprio would play is Hans Landa and if Tarantino is able to land Leo as well as Pitt. He will for sure have a major bidding war on his hands for the WWII epic set to film in France and Germany in the Fall. If the trend continues, Inglorious Bastards is gonna be an amazing QT vision of WWII.