Monday, July 28, 2008

Punisher: War Zone One Sheet & RedBand Trailer!!

Punisher: War Zone is releasing this december and it had a panel at Comic Con Thursday. In the panel they revealed a new one sheet for the film plus the new redband trailer. There has been alot of negative press surrounding this film, since Tom Jane refused to do the film. Ray Stevenson looks the part and based on this new trailer, the film looks to be far grittier than the first Punisher starring Tom Jane! The trailer is redband so it doesn't hold anything back! The trailer gives us a few glimpse's of Jigsaw, and he looks to be faithful to the comic. (whether this film is good, is yet to be detrmined, but at least there is a real villain from the comics is in the film, not like the first with Jon Travolta playing some Miami mob boss) Producer Gale Anne Hurd said during the panel thursday, "We really want a Punisher that's closer to the comics, and we stuck to the MAX series because we wanted a Punisher that was ruthless, violent vigilante justice." The movie also takes place in New York where Frank Castle always was in the comics (not miami). Scroll down for the new one-sheet for Punisher War Zone and the Redband trailer for the film also!

Click poster for high res picture

Red Band Trailer for Punisher War Zone

Thoughts on the new trailer and one-sheet for Punisher War Zone? Does the film look better than the first Punisher? Does it look to be truer to the comic? What do you think of Ray Stevenson as Frank Castle?