Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Protected by The Spirit One-Sheet

I saw these posters while walking around San Diego's gaslamp district in alot of the businesses windows. The newest one-sheet from Lionsgate in promotion for The Spirit is the best thing I have seen for the film. I am a big fan of Frank Miller and Will Eisner's The Spirit, but the film looks to be so stylized and so weird, it just might be terrible. They have a great cast and I like the look of the black and white, but some of the material that has been shown is so over-done and so surreal, I have been a little turned off. From what I hear, so were the fans at the panel Friday at Comic Con! The Spirit was considered the biggest bomb of Comic Con and a real disapoinment, considering they have been hyping it for the last three years there. Regardless of my opinion, the newest one sheet is pretty damn cool and simply genius advertising! Scroll down to see it and all of the other onesheets that have been released for The Spirit coming this Christmas.

Click on any of the posters for a higher resolution

Rest of The Spirit One-Sheets that have released

What are your thoughts on The Spirit? Why was Frank Miller so grumpy at Comic Con this year? Is it, cause he knows The Spirit is shit? Will you see The Spirit?