Thursday, July 17, 2008

Review - Pathology

Ted Grey has just been accepted into a highly esteemed medical school and is about to marry the perfect wife. For young and aspiring Ted, everything is falling into place, until he gets twisted into a wicked game that his classmates play. The game is to see who can commit the perfect murder and may be the downfall of the young student.

Pathology was a really bad attempt at a intellegent and sleak horror film. Directed by Marc Scholermann and stars Milo Ventimiglia as Ted Grey, Pathology uses graphic violence and predictable twists to weave the generic script. This film tried to be graphic like Saw and intellegent like Seven. Instead the film falls very flat and loses the viewer quickly into the second half of the film. I thought Pathology was goingto be an edgy fresh look into medical horror and came away wishing I had the 93 minutes back.

Milo Ventimiglia was good, as the top of his class medical student Grey. He gave a worthy performance and shows that he can carry a film, with the right script. Unfortunately for Milo, this script was terrible and very predictable at best. Milo did not have much to work with, but still gave a good peformance regardless. Michael Weston also gave a good performance as Jake Gallo, but within the third act of the film, Weston's character is so ridiculous, he looses all of his credibility built in the first two acts. Alyssa Milano is also in the film and plays Milo's wife to be, but is given about ten minutes of screen time, so she goes unoticed.

Pathology is not short on gore. For the avid horror fan, Pathology may entertain slighty with its viloence. There is a good amount of bloodshed, enough to make some squeam in their seats, but overall the kills are very lackluster. Pathology ends up feeling like a bad impression of CSI, with alot more gore. Majority of the movie is spent figuring out how each member of the killing game murdered, but the synopsis's feel typical and are overkill by the second or third murder. Imaging watching CSI for 93 minutes but 45 of that are spent around the coroners table. What is worse is the diganosis are pretty bland and not intriguing at all.

Overall Pathology was a waste of time. I hated the majority of the film except for a few highlights. There is plenty of gore and T&A, but it feels again weak at best. I had high hopes for Pathology going in and was extremely annoyed coming out.