Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Review - My Blueberry Nights

Kar Wai Wong with his first english language directed film beautifully tells the story of Elizabeth played by Norah Jones who leaves for a journey across america after consoling with a local new york diner owner played by Jude Law. Jones character along the way runs into various offbeat characters played by Rachel Weiz, Natalie Portman, and David Strathairn. All of the characters throughout provide great depth to the films dreamy tone.

What I liked best about this film was the growth and connection Elizabeth (Norah Jones), had with each of the characters. Each person she met along the way gave her insight to herself and what she ultimately wanted. Sometimes the journey of finding what we want is the most satisfying. Some of the characters were much stronger than others. Portman and Law provided a real sence of joy and delight to the film. Norah Jones also did a impressive job carrying the film that had a very sluggish feel to it.

Jude Law and Norah Jones together really stole the film and gave it's high marks. Their exchanges put a smile on my face and Law's protrail of a diner owner serving good food and good stories was perfect. The film does a great job of coming full circle on itself. The ending, while not surprising is very enjoyable. Put plainly the film puts you in a good mood.