Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Vorhees Pics!!

Friday the 13th is set to release Friday Feburary 13th 2009 and has a panel Sunday at Comic Con! Last week the first look at Jason Vorhees himself was released and this week two new photos have been added to the mayhem! The two new pics are much closer looks at Jason and he looks to be just as pissed from the original series! I liked that they have kept the loose strands of long hair on him and he seems to also have a gym membership, cause is he ever HUGE!! The remake is believed to have the first two original films woven into this movie and Michael Bay recently told EW that the first 12 minutes will have an amazing twist (get ready for Freddy)!

Scroll down for the two new pics!

Thoughts on the new Jason pics? Do you like his look? Too buff? What's with the belt around his leg? Will you see the new re-vision of Friday the 13th?