Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Review - Mister Lonely

This surreal film is directed by Harmony Korine and stars Diego Luna who plays a struggling Michael Jackson impersonator in Paris. At a gig Luna meets Samantha Morton who plays Marilyn Monroe impersonator and invites him to live on her commune in Scotland with her husband who is a Charlie Chaplin impersonator among other impersonators. While on this commune Michael struggles with his feelings for Marilyn, while Marilyn struggles with sanity from an abusive husband.

All of the characters provide great depth and most provide an uncanny resemblence to their alterego. Chaplin is very dark and abrasive leaving the viewer in contempt of him and his actions throughout. Luna as Michael Jackson is absolutley jawdropping. He does an amazing job with the dancing and gestures of MJ. The first dance sequence is so good, I was smiling ear to ear. He furthermore delivers alot of really great monologues that leave the viewer contimplating what has been said and their effect on the story.

This film has two definate tones to it. One side is hopeful and filled with joy. While the opposite side is dark and often has the viewer questioning the outcome. The first half of this film really delivered for me, while the second half sorta left me feeling flat. The weird twist to the film is the nuns and their impact on the film. The films conclusion leaves the viewer wondering, what is our fate and how is it decided?