Saturday, July 12, 2008

Review - The Love Guru

The Guru Pitka is the world's second most famous love Guru and wants to arise to number one. In his aspiriations, he believes that if he is able to save Tornoto Maple Leafs star player Darren Roanoke marriage with Prudence Roanoke he will be able to be the next Deepak Shopra. Unfortunately, Prudence is currently living with Jacques "La Cock" Grande, the Los Angeles Kings goalie, and Guru Pitka must make Darren understand D.R.A.M.A. in order to win his wife back.

Mike Myers in his latest film, has reached an all time low! The Love Guru is the worst comedy of 2008 and of Myers career. The films plot is absolutely awful and follows the exact same pattern as the previous three Austin Powers films. The film is actually so formulaic, it is nearly unwatchable. Everything throughout this film stinks, the characters are terrible, the jokes are repeated to the point of nausea, and everything we loved from the Austin Powers character is reused and here falls flat.

The entire film is dick and fart jokes. One of the most annoying aspects of the film was that nearly every character was named after genitalia or some form of jerking off. Something we got all to use to in the Austin Powers series. Jacques "La Cock " Grande, Dick Pants, Punch Cherkov, Guru Tugginmypudha, and Guru Satchabigknoba were just a few names I remembered and it got worse. I don't know how many fart jokes there were in the film, but they came about every five minutes. Again they all fell flat and were very repetitive. The fart jokes weren't the only jokes over used. In the first half of the film the Guru Pitka pulls out one of his books with some sappy title about ten times. Each one was suppose to have some great joke on it, but instead never even achieved a chuckle. Another overused joke was the TM bit, a few were slighty amusing, but nothing came to the caliber of Myers early films.

Every joke that is in the Love Guru has been used too many times before by Myers and they just feel stale. Myers has his normal opening song, this time it's 9 to 5, which actually was the highlight of the film. Downside, there is about four more crappy songs that just feel unwatchable, particularly the Steve Miller song at the end. Just like in every Austin Powers film, Myers character is in love with the lead female, but has some dilema why he can't be with her until the end of the film. Myers needs to look himself in the mirror and say, "try something new." Myers also uses another bit that has grone extremely tiresome, where he tells a joke, no one laughs, and he snickers and tries to re-imply that it was funny. I never liked that in the Austin Powers character and here it just drove me crazy. Overall, everything just felt regurgitated and then regurgitated again.

Utlimately, The Love Guru is terrible, pure dribble. Avoid the movie like the plague, it will be a complete waste of your hard earned cash! This movie is something that you wouldn't watch, even if there was nothing else on cable. It was extremely hard to sit all the way through and an awful attempt at a new character with the same recycled shtick for Mike Myers. Myers needs to do something away from his normal routine. Like Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler who have done serious films, Myers should try his acting chops out there. This regurgitated crap from Myers just isn't working at all. The Love Guru is Myers first creative flop at the box office and unless he wants to follow in Eddie Murphy's footsteps, he should take a real look at his next project and not just give us, more of the same.


Agree sucked in the extreme! 2/10 here bro I chuckled every now and again.