Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Review - Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

A brother and sister move to Malibu to live with their Aunt and start a new life along the pacific coast. The two are quickly cast into a surfer community of young adults who just happen to have a thirst for the nightlife. When Chris's sister Nicole, falls for the leader of the Tribe, Chris must enlist the help of Edward Frog surfboard shaper and "Vampire Hunter."

Lost Boys: The Tribe is a weak attempt at a sequel to the very popular 1987 movie. Now twenty one years later, P.J. Pesce directs the straight-to-dvd sequel. For all intents and purposes, this is a straight-to-dvd film! The production value feels tv movie at best, the special effects and gore are simple and nothing more than we've already seen on the tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What this movie does is leave you with a bad taste in your mouth! You remeber how good the original was and how far this has fallen from it. Lost Boys: The Tribe, is the worst kind of sequel, a re-tread of the same story with updated characters and actors. All this film does is tarnish the good name of Lost Boys.

Corey Feldman is the only actor in Lost Boys: The Tribe that was in the original film. (Corey Haim has a very weak cameo in the credits, that you'll hate) I know Feldman hasn't done anything in the way of acting in a long while, but he should have just stayed away from this! Feldman tries to step back into his iconic character Edward Frog, but instead comes off as a weak attempt to re-create what he had done 21 years before. Feldman is downright laughable in the movie, from his dialogue to his cheesy acting up to the climax. Corey Feldman would have thought wiser to just let people remember his role from the first, instead of returning and making it worse! I am very surprised, Feldman did it, after twenty years of talking about doing it right, he attaches his name to this crap? Why!

In a cheap attempt to lure fans of the first, Lost Boys: The Tribe casted Angus Sutherland (brother of Kiefer Sutherland) as the Tribe leader or head vampire. That was a mistake, Angus Sutherland was terrible as Shane. I am sure Angus, got the role solely because he is Kiefer's kid brother, but his acting was so bad it reminded me of cheap porno star or daytime soap opera performance. Kiefer in the original was a eerie and gripping as the leader, Angus on the other hand, in no way had the presence to be the leader of the Tribe. The rest can be said for the rest of the cast as well. Autumn Reeser (The O.C.) who plays Nicole, essentially assumes the role of Michael in the first film, and she is nothing but eye-candy! Her lines are so bad you are constantly laughing at them. "Do you know what it is like to crave blood....I'm a vegetarian!" Her brother Chris played by Tad Hilgenbrink (American Pie Band Camp) comes off as the best performance among a bunch of really weak actors who are given nothing but a bad sequel.

Lost Boys: The Tribe tries to use alot of nostalgia to recreate what worked in the original film. Execpt this time around it fails in comparison and ultimately leaves the viewer wishing they hadn't watched it. One bit of nostalgia that is quite comical, is seeing the saxophone player from the original film, still wearing the same outfit and still playing his sax. The movie even features the same song from the 1987 original "Cry Little Sister," and like the film, it too got a bad update. The film really does follow the same pattern as the original except it is now a surfer tribe. Shane, is suppose to be a pro surfer who vanished from the pro-circuit (obviously to become a vampire). He leads a group of other famed pro surfers who have decided to become vampires and wreak havoc on Malibu too (Yawn). Lost Boys: The Tribe is almost nearly frame for frame the same movie (few scenes from o.g. are ommitted), just with lower production value, completely pathetic dialogue, and bad actors! I am sure for nostalgia reasons you will want to watch Lost Boys: The Tribe, but overall it leaves you wishing you'd skipped it and just re-watched the original.