Thursday, July 10, 2008

Iron Man 2...Favreau Returns!!

Fanboys can finally wipe the sweat from their brow, Jon Favreau will return as director for Iron Man 2 which is slated to be released April 2010. Iron Man has proven to be a goldmine for Marvel Studios and would have been ridiculous for Marvel not to resign Favreau. Favreau whom was only signed to direct the single film, while Robert Downey Jr. and other cast members were signed to multiple film deals, only wanted a reasonable increase in wages for the second film. Nikki Finke is reporting that while a final deal has yet to be signed, Marvel Studios David Maisel, has given Favreau an offer he has agreed to which was quoted as, " A definately richer offer."

With Favreau back at the helm for the sequel speculation can now begin to swarm with antcipation of which way Favraeu will go with the Iron Man franchise. It is common knowledge that Fav's has been real keen on the "Demon in a Bottle," storyline for the next film. On the other hand Marvel has had it's doubts with the ability to market the alcoholic Stark. However, with the recent success of Will Smith's Hancock, which has has very similar tones and imagery, Marvel maybe persuaded to change their minds. Favreau may just go with the story arc that was setup in the first film. At the end of the film we see Rhodey look at the Mark II armor and say. "next time baby!," clearly setting up War Machine. Also within the first film we see the Ten Rings setup in the terrorist ring that Stark escapes from. Iron Man enthusiasts know that the Ten Rings sets up Mandarin, one of Iron Man's greatest foe's. Iron Man 2 could also prove to be yet more of a setup for the Avengers film which is slated to release July 2011.

Regardless of what the outcome will be, with Favreau back at the helm, I feel confident that Iron Man 2 will as good if not better than the first!

What do you think? Will Iron Man 2 be as good as the first?