Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Review - Funny Games

Funny Games is a pyshcological thriller directed by Michael Haneke that takes place in a new england harbor community in which two psychotic young men take a family hostage in their cabin. It stars Tim Roth, Naomi Watts, Michael Pitt, and Brady Corbet.

The problem in this film lies solely with the reactions of the parents when faced with a terrifying situtation. Tom Roth's character makes no realistic attempts to break free of his captures and their motives. He sits idly by and watches as horrific events happen to his wife and child. Being a father, I sat in shock and rage that this grown male could not take down two unarmed young males who were clumsy at best in their kidnapping.

There were some things that I did really like. Most of Paul and Peter's dialogue was flawless. Pitt and Corbet played well off eachother and really made menacing characters on screen. All of the implied violence was perfect. The tone of the film was hard enough to watch and the implied violence gave relief that allowed the viewer to relax for that moment. Naomi Watts was very strong in her performance. She showed layers of depth as a wife conflicted to see her husband do so little to defeat the assalants and as a mother trying to protect her terrified son. You could feel her pain and rage throughout the film.

Overall this film failed on too many levels. I really wanted to like it and went in thinking it could be one of my top films of 2008. The rewind sequence ultimately kills this film and leaves the viewer with a very bitter taste in the mouth. If you really wanted to like this movie, The Strangers looks like it will deliver wher Funny Games failed.