Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Review - Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Written by Jason Segel and directed Nicholas Stoller this hiliarious comedy takes place when a TV music score writer Peter is dumped by his TV actress girlfriend Sarah Marshall. He then decides to vacation in Hawaii and finds himself at the very same hotel as his exgirlfriend is at with her new boyfriend.

Jason Segel shines in this breakup comedy as the dumbfounded dumped boyfriend giving a performance that is sure to land him more starring roles in the future. Segel had previously co-starred in Knocked Up. Mila Kunis also provides great laughs as Rachel in a role away from her typical That 70s Show character. British actor Russel Brand is down right hysterical as the new boyfriend to Sarah Marshall. He plays a over the top pop music singer Aldous Snow who is all too reminsent to Prince and Mick Jaggar meshed into one. The supporting cast is also great. Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, and Jack McBrayer all provide unforgetable laughter in their cameo's. Hill particularly provides continual moments of laughter with his character's obession to Aldous Snow and his music.

Jason segel shows he has a passion for muppets and it works flawlessly! In the film Peter has been writing a musical about Dracula with puppets. Rachel pushes Peter to perform a song at a local dive bar and the scene is absolutely fantastic. The music is great and the lyrics are hysterical. The pay off comes later when we get a further glismp into the production of the Dracula Muppet play at the end of the film.

Overall a great film that is filled with laughs from its awkward male nude opening to the Muppet finale. it is a great date film that will put a huge smile on you and your dates face and give you endless quotes to remember and laugh at. Like Anchorman, Knocked Up, Superbad, Old School, and 40 Year Old Virgin Forgetting sarah Marshall has a high re-watchability factor that have wanting to see the film and laugh all over again.