Monday, July 28, 2008

Fanboys Save Cancer Cut!

Variety reported some great news yesterday, that the online and physical outcry of fans to see the original version of fanboys has worked! Weinstein Company alongside Trigger Street Productions will release the original "cancer cut" of Fanboys in theaters this September! This is a great victory for the director Kyle Newman and for fans alike, Fanboys has been in limbo for over two years now , and to finally see it released as intended is a sweet victory!

Last Thursday at Comic Con I attended the Fanboys screening of the cancer cut (Review Here). The screening was at maxium capacity and went over well. The crowd loved the film and really expressed their desire to see this version released in theaters. Kevin Spacey, whose production company Trigger Street is financing the release of the film, was on site and seemed very enthusiastic about the film and its vision. After the great response of fans from the screening, Weinstein Co has finally decided to keep the cancer angle in the film and release it as intended. Variety reports, "In the version screened for fans at Comic-Con, said to be the final cut agreed upon for theatrical release, pic is set in motion by the cancer plot device but avoids lingering on sentimental scenes toward the end."

The question now is will Fanboys play well for general audiences. I feel with the cancer angle in the film, it sets itself apart from the typical "Road Trip" comedies, and should get a good response from the general moviegoer. The film is very strong and has alot of great laughs all the way through. Being at the end of Summer it should have a strong pull at the box office up till Halloween. The film is also filled with tons of cameos including Carrie Fischer, William Shatner, Billy De Williams, Ray Parks, Seth Rogen, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. With a month or so till its release, Weinstein and Trigger Street should hopefully begin a strong campaign to get the word out on Fanboys. The film will play very well to teens, but I think anyone who has ever seen Star Wars or recently enjoyed "Family Guy's" Star Wars episode will want to see it too. I will be going to see this one again for sure!