Sunday, July 27, 2008

Comic Con: Terminator Salvation Panel

Terminator Salvation Panel

Terminator Salvation was the 3rd panel in Hall H Saturday, and did not disappoint! As I strolled into Hall H, the Terminator music was pumping, and it really hightened the antcipation of the panel. McG came out and began the panel by talking a little bit about what he had in store for the re-boot of the series. He stressed that he is trying to remain faithful to the framework setup in the first three films. He said that they are currently still filming in New Mexico, and have more than half of the film shot. He went on to ask the crowd if we wanted to see some footage from the new film. The crowd errupted in screams and cheers, the lights went down and the footage began.

Much like the first trailer than released two weeks ago, Terminator Salvation is set in 2018 and looks to be very desolate and gritty. The footage shown established Sam Worthington's more and gave us our first look at Bale and Worthington on screen together. The film showed alot more footage of the T-600 (pictured above), the gatling gun that it has on its arm is wicked, and looks to provided a deadly punch. The footage also showed quite a bit of the new Kyle Reese played by Anton Yelchin and had a great moment where John Conner and his father come face to face for the first time. The trailer also sets up the resistence that Conner will lead and some of its members including Common playing Barnes and Moon Bloodgood as Blair Williams. The film looks to be very gritty and action packed and have kept the look of the future created in the first film. The trailer shown was about 3 to 5 minutes and had everyone in the Hall, screaming with excitement.

When the lights came back on McG brought out the full cast, minus Christian Bale, who was in Japan promoting The Dark Knight. He quickly said, "let's give him a call," and proceeded to pull out his cell phone. Bale didn't answer and it went straight to voicemail, but the crowd gave Bale a voicemail to remember, 6,500 people screaming for him! The cast and McG went on to field questions about the origins and look of the new film. A few people asked about the internet rumors about the ending to the film and McG replied, "You know we do fake stories right?" He essentailly gave the same answer Bay recently had said, that the production companys are now putting out fake stories and campaigns to throw spoilers off the track. Another question asked if we would ever see Arnold back in the series. McG again was very coy saying, "there's always a possibilty and I am leaving it open for that."

The look of the film is great, the intensity is definately there. I am hopefully McG will do good things with this film and Bale, Worthington, and Yelchin will propel it into a great series. Let's just hope it is better than 3, and both of McG's first try's at directing, Charlie's Angels 1 & 2! It is set to release Memorial Day weekend May 22nd 2009! As the tagline stipulates...The End Begins!

Scroll down for more shots of the cast

Thoughts on Terminator Salvation? Did you like McG before seeing this new footage? Are you amped for Terminator re-boot? Will Bale save Terminator like he did Batman?