Sunday, July 27, 2008

Comic Con: Heroes Panel

Heroes: Villains Panel

The first panel Saturday in Hall H was the highly antcipated panel for Heroes Season 3: Villains. The show has been off the air for nine months now and will return September 22. Even in its absence, Heroes fans came out in droves, to catch a glimpse of what the newest season had in store. The line for Heroes was massive and the panel was at capcity of 6,500 people. To moderate the panel, famous comic book creator Jeph Loeb came out and began introducing the cast of Heroes. The entire cast was in attendance and all looked in very good spirits. The cast sat down to have Tim Kring creator of Heroes come on stage with a silver briefcase hand-cuffed to his left hand. Kring went on to address the crowd and said that he had a special surprise for everyone in attendance. He had in his briefcase the first full episode for Heroes: Villains and would show it in it's entirety. The crowd went absolutely apeshit as the lights went down and the episode started.

The following is a spoiler free rundown of what went on during the episode. The cliffhanger ending to Season 2, of Nathan Petrelli shooting is clarified. Sylar continues his search for Claire and comes face to face with her. Maya and Suresh uncover a new way to isolate the hero gene. Hiro is given a new mission by way of a video message from his father and has been introduced to a new Villain, Speedster. Future Peter and present Peter continue to cross paths. Major reveals are given throughout and let's just say Heroes: Villains is gonna kick ass! I really can't say more without giving wat too much away (If you need to know, I am sure there are plenty of spoilers out there).

The lights came back up and the cast returned out on stage to a standing ovation from the crowd. The rest of the panel was cut short, because the panel had started late. Supposedly the entire cast of Heroes was stuck in the elevator (Heroes stuck in an elevator, now that's irony)! There was only about 10 minutes of questions, and most of the questions asked, were more or less statements. One kid came up and said, "All I know is, Sylo rules!!!" Zachary Quinto gave an odd look, but in the next question another fan expressed her love for all things Sylar, and he corrected her saying, "I believe the correct pronunciation is Sylo." It probably was one of the more funnier moments of the panel. On our way out of the panel they gave the fans in attendance, Heroes Season 2 Exclusive dvd slip-covers. Tim Kring also said that the dvd of Season Two will release August 26th and will include the unknown episodes that never aired. Everybody in attendance seemed real pleased with the footage and were more than vocal during the screening. I myself am amped for this new season and cant wait to see it unfold. As a side note, later that evening I talked with Tim Kring's assisstant and he assured me the Season would blow my mind. He had read the entire season and said he seen the first 4 episodes and he loves them too! So needless to say, Heroes: Villains, should not disappoint.

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Thoughts on Heroes? Do you watch the show on NBC? Did you attend the panel? What did you think? Was Season 2 a disappointment for you?