Monday, July 28, 2008

Best Thing at Comic Con 08!!

Thursady at Comic-Con in Hall H, in between panels for Disney's Race to Witch Mountain and Lionsgate/Marvel Hulk vs. Wolverine, fans were given quite a huge surprise that has been kept completely underwraps! The moderator came out to the crowd and said he had some extremely excluisve footage to show us. He said the film would be coming out sometime in 2009 and the lights went down. Buzzed filled the room quickly as fans turned and and asked others just what it could be. Security quickly scanned everybody to make sure all cameras and cell phones were off! (They have become far more strict when it comes to this in the last few years)


The following is a description of just what happened, when the lights went down!! The typical Disney logo comes up where we see the Magic Kingdom Castle and Tinkerbell does the sparkle arc over the castle, but this time it quickly shutters and begins to digitize! I instantly screamed out, "TRON 2!!!!" (Disney has always hinted at a sequel, but it has never really came to life, but the digitize instantly told me) The next frame is the huge layout of the electronic and digital world. We see a huge cliffside and a valley within it. The camera pans to a familar but updated Blue suit figure who gets onto Light Cycle. (At this point the entire crowd is going insane with joy!) An updated Light Cycle battle ensues with the same blue and yellow cycles from the original Tron. The figures on the bike faces are not reveled. Instead of having the old football helmet looking helmets of the first Tron, these helmets cover the face with a shield. The yellow rider throughout this sequence is chasing the blue rider and the animation looks amazing while still being very true to the original film. During the cycle battle, the camera pans back up to see a figure kneeling and watching the battle. The camera comes from behind the figure and sweeps around to reveal a much older Kevin Flynn/Clu, (Jeff Bridges). Upon realizing that Jeff Bridges was infact in the long-awaited sequel, the crowd went absolutely nuts. The Cycle battle continued and used some of the same scenes from the first film. The two light cycles head straight for the face of the cliff, there is a slim hole that only one cycle will make it through. Unlike the orginial, when the blue cycle makes it through the small seem in the canyon, the yellow skids out and narrowly missing slamming into the wall of the canyon. The yellow rider then rides off. The scene cuts back to the blue rider trying to flee the area, except the yellow rider does catch up. The two ensue again in a bump and grind race until the yellow rider gains some edge and uses his light stream to knock the blue rider of his light cycle. At the point the blue rider his on his back and at the mercy of the yellow rider. The yellow rider gets off his cycle and approaches him. The blue racer still on his back pleads, "It's only a game!" The yellow rider's face is then revealed to be a younger version of Clu and he reply's, "Not this Time!," and strikes the blue racer with his Identity Disc! The shot fades to black and then to reveal the original TRON logo with a 2 fading in. The crowd again errupted with screams and applause as the lights came back up.

The footage that was shown was absolutely breath taking! I had my mouth wide open through the whole thing and just kept saying in my head, "Oh My God, it's really happening!" Since I was a kid, I have loved TRON! Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors (He's the Dude), and the idea that he has come back as Clu is so awesome! Bridges looks to be the mastermind behind the digital world this time around. He definately was in a "zen-like" pose in his reveal, like he was controling the whole thing. Disney has done a great job of keeping this project hush-hush, but looks to be very good. Fans of the original and general movie goers will want to see this for sure! With computer technology and greenscreen work so common now, it seemed inevitable that Disney would sonner than later re-make, re-boot, or sequelize the very popular original. The film is suppose to release sometime in 2009 I would assume Summer or Christmas.

What are your thoughts on TRON 2? Are you excited for a sequel with Bridges? You seen the original? Have you seen it in the last 10 years?