Monday, July 28, 2008

7 WATCHMEN Character Posters!!

Watchmen is probably one of the highest antcipated comic book movies ever. People have said it shouldn't be made or can't be made! Writer Alan Moore has detached himself from it, while artist Dave Gibbons has welcomed the interpretation. from the footage that has been shown, director Zach Synder looks to be going in the right direction (My only hold up is, all we have seen is highly stylized shots and scenes, no real dialogue). Still I and millions of fans are eagerly antcipating the release in March of 2009! Over the weekend at Comic Con WB and Synder released seven character posters for the WATCHMEN and I got them for you below. The posters are really good and each one has a saying from the book by the corresponding character, and the binding we have come to be so familiar with on the left!

Anyways check em out below!

Click on any of the character posters for a higher resolution

What are your thoughts? Have you read the Watchmen? Does the trailer look good? What do you think of the character posters? Will you see the Watchmen in March? Did you see the panel Friday at Comic Con?