Monday, July 28, 2008

2 Red Sonja Posters!!

Robert Rodriquez is producing Red Sonja with Rose McGowan starring. The two had a panel on Thursday at Comic Con and discussed a little bit about the film, which is still in pre-production, and revealed two new one-sheets for the upcoming film. During the panel, RR said that he would be a "hands-on" producer with Doug Aaroniokoski directing the film. The film will be shot on both green screen and on location (which the production team is scouting now), and will be very dark much in the same vein as the comic book. Rose McGowan went on to say the film will be, "hard, cold, dirty and bloody." And that she's looking forward to "taking a big giant sword and killing a lot of people." McGowan is currently training for the film and is working with the same sword experts that helped film, The Matrix and Ninja Assassin. The last note really on the film, which seems to be in real early pre-production, is that it will definately be rated 'R,' Robert Rodriquez went on to say, "My name is double 'R'!" RR went on to say that he will also be producing a version of Conan that will be in the same vein as the comic book and if profitable will cross-over into the Red Sonja franchise also. This should bring specualtion that is might also cross-over into the Thulsa Doom project that was announced last week! Red Sonja will hit theaters in late 2009, close to Christmas time. Scroll down for the two new one-sheets for Red Sonja!

Click on the image for a higher resolution pic!

I had previously read that Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriquez were no loner together, but based on the following I photo, I guess they are fine. One would hope so, RR did leave his previous wife and 3 kids for the semi-talented actress!

What are your thoughts on Red Sonja? Do you read the comic? Have you seen the original film? Do you think Rose McGowan can pull off a character like Red Sonja? Did you like her in Planet Terror? Alot more still to come on this project for sure!